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WordPress Speed

Did you know that a slow website affects your website visitors, SEO and traffic? Recent research shows that visitors leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Speed optimization

Why is the speed of your WordPress website critical?

Faster websites lead to higher conversions and better positions in search engines.

If you find yourself on this page, you probably want to speed up the load time of your website or have some other technical difficulty with your site.

Because you never want your site visitors to lose patience, we will tell you that if pages load slowly, people are more likely to leave your website.

The speed and ease with which visitors to your website can access information are critical to the success of your Google rankings, Google Ads (Adwords) and Facebook ads, and any leads they generate.

When your website takes a long time to load, your customers may become frustrated and leave. The importance of website speed in search positions is well known. The time it takes your website to load can significantly have an impact on your search position. Our experience in helping clients optimize their websites for search engines supports this conclusion.

In mid-2020, Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics placed even more emphasis on site speed and fast-loading websites.

Check your website’s page load speed

Website loading times will become increasingly important in search engine optimization and organic search algorithms.

It is hard to disagree that slow-loading websites have a negative impact on brands, businesses and profit margins.

Improving the speed of your site is not difficult, although it can take a lot of time. The process generally involves assessing your site’s current speed, implementing best practices to make it faster, and establishing a plan to maintain your site’s speed over time.

At Bohnenn Web Design, our job is to help you create and maintain a fast-loading website.

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WordPress speed optimization
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Benefits of a lightning fast WordPress website

Your website creates a lasting impression of your company’s reputation.

Greater customer satisfaction

Google has reported that a 1-second delay in load time lowers visitor satisfaction by 16%, and 79% of those visitors will no longer buy if they are not satisfied with the website’s performance.

Achieve Marketing Goals

Optimizing your website to load faster can help you achieve your marketing goals. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to improve conversion, reduce bounce rate, sales or just improve service for your customers.

Higher Search Engine Positions

To be found on the Internet, a website must generally have a high PageRank. This is Google’s algorithm that measures the quality of websites. The algorithm scores not only load time, but also metrics such as bounce rate and page views.
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